Living in a small town where other people vacation, while running three successful businesses make Perham the perfect place for Sue Huebsch to live and work.


“Growing up in the (Twin) Cities is a wonderful thing, and I still like to go back and visit because it’s a quick trip. But having just returned from¬†the (Twin) Cities it’s really nice up here to have a short commute. Everything that we really need or want is here in town.”

Sue’s husband grew up in Perham and over time they realized that the town had a need for several businesses they could create. Sue credits the local tax incentives as helping her and her husband give their businesses a great start. Their specialty gift store and coffee house, Wild Goose, collaborates with other businesses in town to run promotions that benefit each other.

“Perham provides such a great quality of life. This is where so many people choose to vacation, and I’m lucky enough to live where I also get to vacation.”