Business Growth Opportunities

When considering Perham as a place to start their business, Darrin Swanson of Kit Masters worked with Perham’s EDA Director who presented the company with different financing incentive packages from both the city and the state.

Worker“Taking advantage of Perham’s Economic Development incentive packages helped us grow our business from two employees to 125 employees.” The finance and tax incentives gave the company the ability to reinvest back into the business and expand their product offerings to the industry.

When asked how the businesses work together in Perham, Darrin says when there is an idea or opportunity, Perham business owners work with each other and with the community. Together we decide on the best way implement the idea, or solve the problem, and don’t let it go by the wayside.

“There’s no better place to live than Perham…we love it here. We moved from the (Twin) Cities, up-rooted our families, and it was the best move we’ve ever made.”